Greta, an accessories collection



Greta Molander (1908-2002) was a woman with petrol and champagne in her blood, her life was filled with rally (motor sports) and travelling. She jumped into her car in her boiler suit and on the journeys she fixed the car herself. Outside the car she was a social, colourful, fashionable lady with a lot of humor and joy of life.
This duplicity is a interesting connection of something very masculine and very feminine. Clothing and accessories is often very gender determined.
The life of Greta is quite fascinating as inspiration for a collection, because there is a opportunity to play with humor and the colours the loved so much.
The starting point is to tell the story about a fantastic lady through fashion accessories. To be able to use humor adn subtlety to play with expressions. To be able to tell my version of Greta’s life. That fashion accessories can be decorative objects. To be inspired by the fact that Greta wasn’t stopped by the standards of society in ther time. To use crafting skills like embroidery, crochet and patchwork; something old fashioned that take a long time to do, but has a fast reading time. To be able to use a ton of colours because Greta loved colours.

(Greta Molander)